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Re: [school-discuss] Progress Database

Hi Phil,

Are you talking about a gradebook? (since you are tracking progress, etc.)

In any case, teachers have to put in values (which IS a gradebook or report card).

The only additional function you'd need would be something that would allow you to rank children in different subjects (ie. reading, writing, etc.) and pick out the children with difficulties...

OR Are you talking about some sort of 'online assessment' where children are doing things online and the system tracks progress and signals problems to teachers?

Open Admin for Schools has a gradebook, and we could simply add on a simple tracker script based on configured 'watch' values.

Open Admin 2.0 will start the multi-language support if you need this in Spanish (Upcoming release is 1.95).

Just a thought,

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Phil Carinhas wrote:

 Some friends of ours are supporting a school in a rural area of Mexico
 and need some sort of progress database tool that can help them identify
 students that need help. Unfortunately many of their tools are windows
 based, but perhaps there is a Linux tool that allows them to tie into
 those anyhow.

Is there such a DB tool that can monitor reading, writing, and math skills?
What should we be looking for if not? Thanks,

-Phil Carinhas
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