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Re: [school-discuss] security issues in K12LTSP

Greetings Everyone:

We are publishing a 52 page 4 color glossy magazine entitled: SourceView Open Journal. This journal will include articles, how to's, reviews and ratings of middleware and vertical user applications only, with education content a regular feature in each issue. The publication will be oriented toward showing the small to medium enterprise worker, be they a business person, nonprofit (NGO) or educator how to implement relevant open source applications. There will be a section for consultants willing to help end users in their locale, and material on various issues in using open source software. In our premier issue, we will feature articles on Open Source Imdemnification of End User organizations, Creating a Support Infrastructure, and Hot Software and where to get it. Advertisers will be oriented to providing comprehensive solutions to users. The physical publication will be available only in the USA for an annual subscription of $25. (street price 71.60). The digital edition will be available to free subscribers worldwide.

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The Journal targets small to medium enterprises with timely, competitive reviews, ratings and "how-to use" articles about mature Open Source tools from strong developer communities. Unlike current open source publications, which emphasize devices, operating systems and programming tools for large enterprises and open source programmers, our content will focus on middleware (such as Postfix) and user applications (such as Ilias).

Special sections for are planned NGO's and Education. The enlarged digital edition subscription is gratis to registered subscribers. 20,000 printed copies of the Premier Edition will be distributed December, 2005.