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Re: [school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Social software, FLOSS & organisational transformatio n

michael dean a écrit :

well, in lieu of 35 computers in the art/science room, I went out and bought 10 lbs of newsprint 3ft X 4ft in dimension and some charcoal sticks. To paint on the computer screen is a severe limitation to human expression, does not allow studies in the round, i.e. sculture or throwing pots, and can't be proudly displayed on the walls of the school. Leaving Art aside, science experimentation is another area similar, in which actual hands on experience is to be preferred to anything digital. By the way, I am playing Devil's Advocate here, because to subsum teaching under e-learning, IMHO, is a mere human travesty.

I was meaning real painting on the computer screen, not digital painting ;-) But it will probably turn to be very expensive.

Regarding science experimentation, computers with appropriate software can be used to catalyse the learning, in particular software which provide kind of micro-worlds where students can manipulate interactively things are interesting (interactive geometry, squeak). Of course it only makes sense when used in a larger scope where other (non-computer) learning activites take place. Computers are only tools, and as such tools they only have to be used when appropriate. The difficult part is to "know" when and what is appropriate.


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