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Re: [school-discuss] Web Sites

I just sent this email to the edubuntu listserv but since I found there little reference
to GUI access to other sites on a LAN, I am sending it to the school-forge-discuss group as well:

I am trying to move Edubuntu or Ubuntu into our international school as
the standard operating system. Right now, I have a major problem:
My users are teachers mostly who are NOT going to use the command-line
at all. So my question is, how do I provide my users with a simple graphic,
icon-moving technique for taking documents (say in OpenOffice) created
locally and storing them in a central server?

Related to this question is:  How do I tell my users how to send their
documents to a remote computer printer or a LAN printer, graphically?

Please let me know if this is a FAQ but a search I just made of my
collection of recent Edubuntu digests yielded nothing useful.

  Best,  Ralph M. Deal,  volunteer assistant in IT at the
     Thuringia International School in Weimar, Germany