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Re: [school-discuss] Web Sites

First thing I think of would be to set up the central server with NFS and then set it up so that the workstations create a mount to the NFS server drive.  That would be kind of like 'mapping' a drive to the remote server - so when users are in the GUI, they can just drag and drop into the folder.  I think if you do a little searching for Ubuntu and NFS you can find some good articles that should lead you in the right direction.  (Anyone have other ideas?)
Not sure on the printing side..

On 9/7/06, R.M Deal <deal@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just sent this email to the edubuntu listserv but since I found there
little reference
to GUI access to other sites on a LAN, I am sending it to the
school-forge-discuss group as well:

I am trying to move Edubuntu or Ubuntu into our international school as
the standard operating system.  Right now, I have a major problem:
My users are teachers mostly who are NOT going to use the command-line
at all.  So my question is, how do I provide my users with a simple
icon-moving technique for taking documents (say in OpenOffice) created
locally and storing them in a central server?

Related to this question is:  How do I tell my users how to send their
documents to a remote computer printer or a LAN printer, graphically?

Please let me know if this is a FAQ but a search I just made of my
collection of recent Edubuntu digests yielded nothing useful.

  Best,  Ralph M. Deal,  volunteer assistant in IT at the
     Thuringia International School in Weimar, Germany