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Re: [school-discuss] Web Sites

Justin Riddiough wrote:
> Ralph,
> First thing I think of would be to set up the central server with NFS
> and then set it up so that the workstations create a mount to the NFS
> server drive.  That would be kind of like 'mapping' a drive to the
> remote server - so when users are in the GUI, they can just drag and
> drop into the folder.  I think if you do a little searching for Ubuntu
> and NFS you can find some good articles that should lead you in the
> right direction.  (Anyone have other ideas?)

If you're using Gnome (2.14 was finally good enough for me to dump KDE,
which I used since pre-1.0) there is a very easy way to do it.  Click on
"Places" and then "Connect To Server".   Select the type from the
"Service type" list (samba, ssh, webdav, etc) and then fill out the
other fields as required.  It then shows up as an icon on the desktop,
and can be accessed from any Gnome application (including OpenOffice) on
the side.  It's very easy to use.