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Re: [school-discuss] Web Sites

Hopefully I'm not in over my head but Konqueror can do this as well. You
can even create a desktop shortcut with a launcher like:

konqueror sftp:// 
konqueror sftp://username@xxxxxxxxxxx if it's a specific site that uses
a common log in (not good security practice but we use it internally for
elementary students)

You can put a cute icon on the launcher, too, if you wish.

I'm sure that some of our scripting gurus could help customize these

Konqueror will display a browser window with folders that can be
navigated, etc. I use it all the time as a quick and dirty ftp client,

regards (and forgive any of my errors)
On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 20:10 -0400, Chris wrote:
> Justin Riddiough wrote:
> > Ralph,
> >  
> > First thing I think of would be to set up the central server with NFS
> > and then set it up so that the workstations create a mount to the NFS
> > server drive.  That would be kind of like 'mapping' a drive to the
> > remote server - so when users are in the GUI, they can just drag and
> > drop into the folder.  I think if you do a little searching for Ubuntu
> > and NFS you can find some good articles that should lead you in the
> > right direction.  (Anyone have other ideas?)
> If you're using Gnome (2.14 was finally good enough for me to dump KDE,
> which I used since pre-1.0) there is a very easy way to do it.  Click on
> "Places" and then "Connect To Server".   Select the type from the
> "Service type" list (samba, ssh, webdav, etc) and then fill out the
> other fields as required.  It then shows up as an icon on the desktop,
> and can be accessed from any Gnome application (including OpenOffice) on
> the side.  It's very easy to use.