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Re: [school-discuss] open source special needs and early grade applications sought

Hello,  I will try to help you:

On Thursday 14 September 2006 22:27, Daniel Howard wrote:
> Our special needs, Kindergarten, and first grade teachers are asking me
> for the following Linux apps to use on our school wide K12LTSP systems:
> 1. A talking word processor (Windoz app: Talk out loud): speaks the
> words as the students type them on the screen in the word processor
I suppose this is for teh children with visual impairments.  Please check 
ORalux with Emacspeak . or check sites of Gnome accessibility and KDE 

There is kde-accessibility chaneel on freenode. too.

> 2. A predictive word processor (as students type words, it gives them
> typical choices to complete the words)
As far as I know Many word processors do have autocompletion feature but I do 
not know how it works with screen readers.

> 3. A talking screen reader, so that younger students can take tests like
> those in Accelerated Reader by having the questions read to them.
> Currently, parent volunteers come in to do this, but I know that at
> other Atlanta Public Schools where parent volunteers are few and far
> between, a computer-spoken version of online tests would be extremely
> useful.
There is Gnopernicus and maybe some others.  IBM made one:

I hope this is helpful.  If you need more inormation please feel free to 
contact me.

Best wishes,

Vedran Vucic

> Regards,
> Daniel