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Re: [school-discuss] listening centers and cassette tapes

Landmark audio  makes a PCI FM transmitter card that can be put in a PC's 
expansion slot.  It will broadcast to any FM frequency in a 50 yard range.


An fm receiver/headphone would be needed to listen.

How much do the students need to interact with this?  Are they all listening 
to the same audio track?  Are different groups listening to different tracks.

What about very cheap portable mp3 players? One for each student? Or they 
could be played through a headphone splitter  Could students "navigate" the 

lexar makes an mp3 player that stores its files on a removeable SD card. These 
aren't cheap though.  I don't know if anyone else manufactures a player with 
removeable media.  Instead of tapes could put individual files on separate sd 
cards, A particular card could be put in the player.  


They can be purchased without an SD card.  I'm guessing inexpensive low 
capacity cards would be preferred. 

How about inexpensive portable cd players - convert the tape to cd :) or mp3 
on CD


On Wednesday 13 September 2006 10:52 am, Justin Riddiough wrote:
> I know the cost might be prohibitive, but a FM transmitter ($15-20?) could
> be set up at the computer and a walkman device tuned in at the desks.  Then
> a cord wouldn't need to be ran from the table to the desk.  To get four
> headphone jacks might be a little bit trickier, I think you could get away
> with using headphone splitters (it would take three splitters per device to
> get 4 plugs, and these generally run at $3 to $5 dollars.)
> The FM transmitter would be stationary at the computer.  Instead of
> purchasing a dedicated device that can handle mp3 audio, you'd be able to
> purchase much less expensive radios (and a lot less expensive down the road
> when parts start breaking.)
> I haven't tried doing this, but it seems good in theory.

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