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Re: [school-discuss] listening centers and cassette tapes

I know the cost might be prohibitive, but a FM transmitter ($15-20?) could be set up at the computer and a walkman device tuned in at the desks.  Then a cord wouldn't need to be ran from the table to the desk.  To get four headphone jacks might be a little bit trickier, I think you could get away with using headphone splitters (it would take three splitters per device to get 4 plugs, and these generally run at $3 to $5 dollars.)
The FM transmitter would be stationary at the computer.  Instead of purchasing a dedicated device that can handle mp3 audio, you'd be able to purchase much less expensive radios (and a lot less expensive down the road when parts start breaking.) 
I haven't tried doing this, but it seems good in theory.