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[school-discuss] listening centers and cassette tapes

I observed my daughter's kindergarten class the other day and watched the teacher dash across the classroom to operate two cassette players, flipping tapes and re-winding while the students called out for assistance.

I latter suggested that it might be possible to transfer the tapes to a computer (mp3, ogg or whatever) and play them there without the need to change tapes or rewind. She was very interested.

The first issue I would need to address to make this work is the connection between the computer (or other player) and four sets of headphones. The cassette player has four jacks built in. Also, the cassette player sits on the table where the students sit. There is a computer near by, but a cord would have to be run to the table, causing a possible hazard.

This leads to the next issue, dedicated device or computer application. There are many open source audio file players for all likely operating systems, and many low cost file players.

Is there an existing solution?  Any other suggestions?