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Re: [school-discuss] listening centers and cassette tapes

The current implementation is a cassette player with four headphone jacks, picture books and tapes with the text of the books read aloud and voice queues to "turn the page". Usually (not always) there are four books to go along with the headphones. One side of the tape is one book (8 to 12 pages, 3 to 5 min is my guess).

A personal mp3 player would need a good interface that the operator could quickly change tracks on with four impatient kindergradeners waiting on. It would also need enough output signal to run four sets of full over-the-ear sets of headphones.

The wireless headphones are a mixed blessing. Increased weight, more maintenance, more expensive to acquire and replace.

Justin Riddiough wrote:

How about inexpensive portable cd players - convert the tape to cd :) or mp3 on CD

I thought about that, portable cd players with mp3 aren't that
expensive.. but the rewind & fast forward capabilities can be tricky.
Whenever I try to rewind or fast forward or pause & play these things, I end
up on some other track or stopping the play and having to restart. If the
audio was put onto the media as one long track, that could get frustrating.