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Re: [school-discuss] Why is thin client hardware so expensive?

This may just be personal experience, but I found that low cost hardware often does not support PXE, making any low cost option more difficult to deal with (CD boots, etc.) and therefore not attractive to resellers. I was looking into offering an LCD all-in-one thin client based on Transmeta chips, but am still looking for one that supports PXE.

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Jonathan Polacheck wrote:
With the $100 lap top underway, I can't help but think that $25-$50 (less monitor) fan-less thin client ought to be possible. Perhaps not profitable, but with enough buy-in, might not a not-for-profit producer be a solution?

I realize that used low-end PCs can be had for as little as $25-to-free. But it sure seems like fan-less, small footprint systems would be worth some effort to make available.