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Re: [school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Open ECDL / ICDL - we need your help

> >Can an ignorant fat client ask about "thin clients"? Will they be a 
> >competitor for $100 laptops? What will they cost? What will they do? 
> >Would people need to travel from say Sierra Leone to say South Africa to 
> >set them up?

Nobody should need to travel from Sierra Leone to SA to set them up.
Setting up thin clients consists of plugging everything in and making
sure they can boot from the network. (rom-o-matic.com can provide
floppy disks to help almost any old computer with a network card boot
over the network.)

The harder part is setting up the Linux Terminal Server Project
server, but the K12LTSP distribution (and increasingly, the Edubuntu
distribution) makes this work right out of the box.

See k12ltsp.org and ltsp.org for more info.


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