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[school-discuss] Way cool Linux Robotics web app

A Brandon teacher just asked me about helping her teach robotics as an enrichment activity. Went to several commercial web sites and there are of course kits galore, but much to my chagrin, most of the CD ROM softare requires, you guessed it, Windows.

So I googled "Linux robots" and found lots of cool stuff, but this one has to be the best:


You log on via ssh, and you can open, edit, and compile programs and then run them on the robot, and it includes a webcam to see it in action. It's currently on exhibition and unavailable but should be back online in August. The students get to play NASA engineers programming a rover on the other side of the country.

Now that I don't have to spend all my volunteer time fixing Windows 9x PCs, I can turn my efforts to more direct educational support activities...my C programming is old, but I'm sure I can show the teacher how to modify an existing program and recompile and run it.

Here's the other benefit of K12LTSP: it frees the parent technology volunteers from repair work to helping teachers develop new lessons and enrich students using technology that works. William says it best: K12LTSP allows us to spend our time adding features and capabilities, not spending hours of it getting back to square one.


-- Daniel Howard President and CEO Georgia Open Source Education Foundation