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Re: [school-discuss] bootable CDs?

> One thing I noticed missing on Richard's disk is the Edutainment OSS
> with which our teachers have been having a blast: Tuxtypes, GCompris,
> Childsplay, etc.  (The windows versions have fewer games than Linux, but
>  it's still quite functional.)

Tell you what. Let me know the full list of program you see missing and I
will add them to the updated 1.3 I will be mastering. I will do my best
to add them all but I would like to keep them to the ones the have both
Linux and Windows version of the programs. I will be updating to 1.3

If anyone has any other ideas for stuff to add please let me know. I will
gladly add them.

> I'm now thinking for CDs we might give to our parents to take home, we'd
>  offer two: one Linux live CD with all the edutainment and office
> software we're using at Brandon, and a windows OSS CD like Richard's for
>  folks to install OSS at home easily, especially if they're still using
> dialup for Internet.  Would this be as simple to do as just downloading
> all the installation files for the windows OSS apps, copying them to CD
> as well as an html document with links to launch the installation apps
> and an autorun.inf file on the CD?  Or just have all the installation
> executables automatically launched in the autorun.inf file?  My first
> time at this obviously...

FYI, the WinOSSCdrom auto launches a web page that has links to all the
installers on the cdrom. I hope this accomplishes what you are looking

I personally like the Ubuntu's , Ubuntu, Kabuntu, Edubuntu, myself. All
are all bootable CD with a 7 step installers which will partition the
disk to duel boot there current OS and the Ubuntu's if the user would

Edububntu has all the Edutainment stuff as well as a full LTSP
environment for those who what to setup a server for a school env plus
School Tools and the such.

I have not used the K12LSTP myself but it looks to be a great product. I
personally like the bootable CD with install is you want functions with
the partitioning functions in 7 fairly easy steps.