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Added a note on this at SchoolForge: http://www.schoolforge.net/education-conferences/event/national-k-12-open-minds-conference-share-and-explore-benefits-open-source

On 9/5/07, Doug <drloss@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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Date:   Wed, 5 Sep 2007 21:01:21 +0200
From:   Georges Khaznadar < georges.khaznadar@xxxxxxx>
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Hello Doug,

I am pleased that the information about Italc has proved to be useful.

By the way, I checked whether the conference "K-12 Open Minds" organised
in October 9-11 in Indianapolis was announced in Scoolforge's website.
The closest reference which I googled out was in

Mike, can you publish in that website some advice about this conference?

Some friends of mine come there from Spain, Germany, Norway and France,
I shall speak about Wims, and a LTSP system used to teach experimental
sciences, my colleagues will speak about various topics like the free
educational software used in elementary schools, the deployment of 80,000
Linux terminals in Spain, and the growth of Skolelinux, also known as

Best regards,                   Georges.

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