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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source Management System for Conventions needed?

Les and Stew,

I'm an interested user. The immediate purpose would be to support registration of small church conferences.

I'd like to try something out. Platform could be up-to-date Linux desktop system or Apache web server.


Stewart Ives wrote:

I'd very much be interested in your system.  I'm a (basically) one man
registration guy that provides on-site registration systems for conferences
and trade shows.  The system I use is a UNIX based system written by me back
in the late 80's.  Yes, it's dated BUT every conference/trade show I have
supported have given me positive comments during the registration process
about just how easy the registration system is compared to a Windoz based system.

I suspect you use a LAMP type system? or what?



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Hi All,

I was wondering if there was any perceived need for an open source
system to manage a convention of some sort including online
registration for workshops and concurrent sessions, mailback
confirmations, various reports, admin interface, that sort of thing.

I have an existing system that I've used for several years, but was
wondering if it might be useful to others. I was considering helping
adapt this to the Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) but was wondering about others...

Your views?

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools
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