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Re: SEUL: Target user for SEUL

Erik Walthinsen (Omega) wrote:
> Reply-to: omega@seul.org <!!>
> On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, George Bonser wrote:
> > Sure is.  All I was saying is that to have an additional name for it that
> > the user already understands might (or might not) be helpful.
> Yup.  I was talking with a friend just now about this, and we figured that
> it'd be simplest to just add another line at the top of /etc/passwd:

I tried the same thing about 6 months ago and some programs went
completely banannas on me.  Seems some of the programs that depend on
UID and GID have a problem with 2 entries for the same UID/GID in the
passwd file.

If you figure out how to get it to work let me know.  I've been wanting
to do that for a long time with no success.