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Re: SEUL: Target user for SEUL

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Erik Walthinsen (Omega) wrote:

> Yup.  I was talking with a friend just now about this, and we figured that
> it'd be simplest to just add another line at the top of /etc/passwd:
> Administrator:ABCDEFGHIJK:0:0:Adminisrtator:/root:/bin/bash

I think the simplest thing to do is to forget about this altogether.  Why
go through all the extra hassle, to simply change the name of root to
Administrator?  This is not NT, I doubt the user is so stupid as to not be
able to remember what 'root' means.  In addition to fouling up the
8-character username limit, and case sensitivity being a problem, let's
just call a spade a spade (or root a root)...