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Re: [freeqt] Re: FreeQt concerns

> >  I suspect the GPL would be restrictive enough. But I have no wish to
> > ruin Trolltech; I'm happy with any licence that forces people to
> > use Qt, not Harmony, for commercial products. As long as KDE gets
> > accepted as GPL by the whole Linux community I'm happy.

KDE will not be accepted by the whole Linux community, if Harmony is
restricted in any such way. Someone at the comp.windows.x group said
it properly:

"Just like with free speech, if everydone doesn't have the same full
rights to it, all of our freedoms are diminished."

Something conforming to Debian Free Software Guidelines is a must. 
I like LGPL for all libraries.

Micah Yoder <lyoder@cyberis.net> writes:
> The GPL doesn't restrict porting.  How about a license similar to the
> GPL but says that it MAY NOT be ported to anything besides UNIX???

Huh? And then people cannot make those neat palmpilots use kde? Are
you serious? (I hope not)

> That would also allow porting to Berlin, should the need arise (and that
> *would* be kinda neat...)
> And yeah, BE SURE it's clear that you can't develop ANY software for
> commercial use!  I'm not a GPL expert, but I *think* it's good enough in
> that area.

Of course commercial use must be allowed. Otherwise all our freedoms
are diminished.

> Caution is needed here...screwing Troll would *not* be good.

I dont believe they will ever be screwed. At first it'll not be good
enough to match, and afterwards TT has already moved their revenue
source to somewhere else. (Just like netscape did when competition in
browsers became intolerable).

I think Harmony project, despite your fears, will actually help TT to
get more people buy Qt as it makes more people create code that is
compatible with Qt => they have more references to show of successful
projects using Qt.

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi --