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Re: [freeqt] Re: FreeQt concerns

Tero Pulkkinen wrote:

> KDE will not be accepted by the whole Linux community, if Harmony is
> restricted in any such way. Someone at the comp.windows.x group said

In that case, I'd have to have my opinion boil down to this:  If you're
a free software purist, don't use KDE.  Gnome is coming along just fine,
use it instead.

If you like KDE and don't mind Qt, use it.  That is the case for me ...
Qt is not evil, KDE is not evil.  They're a good combination.  They can
help advance the cause of Linux.  Windows people will like it and
possibly convert.

But an original open source solution is also needed - that's where Gnome
comes in.  FreeQt really isn't needed.

> > The GPL doesn't restrict porting.  How about a license similar to the
> > GPL but says that it MAY NOT be ported to anything besides UNIX???
> Huh? And then people cannot make those neat palmpilots use kde? Are
> you serious? (I hope not)

Well, 3Com is porting Linux to the PalmPilot aren't they?  That would
qualify if it was under UNIX/X.

> Of course commercial use must be allowed. Otherwise all our freedoms
> are diminished.

Then Troll is history and no company will ever consider making a free
license like Troll's again.

> I dont believe they will ever be screwed. At first it'll not be good

Why not?  If there's an LGPL library that can do things about as good as
KDE, that can be ported to Windows, who would ever use Qt?

> enough to match, and afterwards TT has already moved their revenue
> source to somewhere else. (Just like netscape did when competition in

Last I heard, Qt was the vast majority of their revenue.

> I think Harmony project, despite your fears, will actually help TT to
> get more people buy Qt as it makes more people create code that is
> compatible with Qt => they have more references to show of successful
> projects using Qt.

You'd have to do a lot to convince me of that.

Linux: Everything else is just a toy!