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Re: [freeqt] Re: FreeQt concerns

Joel Dillon wrote:
> >
> > No.  Then the die hard GPL/Linuxites will win.  This will certianly set
> > back future possibly comercial backings of Linux, which if had not been
> > for, Linux would probably not be where it is today.  If the motives
> > weren't so biased, I certianly would be behind Harmony/whatever 101%.
>   As I've stated I'm not part of the project in order to ruin Trolltech.
> Nor am I behind it for religious reasons, though I do think a GPL'd
> Qt-clone is better than one we can't modify the source of. I'm doing
> it because I don't want to see a big split in the free software world
> between KDE and Gnome. Debian, Slackware and Redhat are supporting
> Gnome, not KDE, because of the licensing issue. Whether they are right
> not to use KDE for this reason is a matter of opinion, but the fact is
> they aren't. If KDE fitted into the Debian and Redhat software guidelines,
> and coexisted well with Gnome, they would be more likely to put it on
> their distributions and this damaging split between the two desktop
> environments could end. I'm not saying I want to see the two projects
> merge, I'm just saying I'd like to see both of them shipped on all
> major Linux distributions, either as opposing options or installed
> together. This will /not/ happen without a GPL'd Qt workalike.
I feel heartened to read this response from someone actually working on
the FreeQT project.  Why ?  Because this mirrors my own opinion.
I just became very concerned ( panicked ? ) when I herd that FreeQT 
would be released under the LGPL and not the GPL.  What's the difference
Well the LGPL allows for the creation of commercial software with the
free code.  This is not a good thing for Troll Tech since a FreeQT clone
under an LGPL license would have the same effect on them that MSIE had
Netscape if it became almost as good as the original.  
This of Coors would scare other people wanting to liberalize software on
the Linux platform.
Build FreeQT, Make it strong, eventually even make it better than the 
original, But pleas, make it GPL so that Troll Tech will still be able
to survive.
>         Jo

A computer without Windows 95 and Internet Explorer is likea piece of
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