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Re: [freeqt] Re: FreeQt concerns

Alan Cox wrote:
> No the windows library api's and libraries are provided with the base
> product from Microsoft Inc, Redmond (check a win95 CD)
I have NEVER herd of anyone who was able to build a Windows application 
with just the base OS.  To do that you would need to FTP Or buy tools.
Or worse yet Reinvent the wheel ( I.e. VB ) 
> Anyway regardless of that the point Im trying to make that a freeqt 
> is good for KDE stands.
This was never in question and everybody has expressed a willingness to 
accept KDE and FreeQT if they work together ( those who haven't said 
it have simply never been asked ).
What is in question is weather FreeQT should be GPL or LGPL.  
A computer without Windows 95 and Internet Explorer is likea piece of
chocolate cake without Catsup and Mustard.