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Re: [freeqt] Re: FreeQt concerns

Micah Yoder wrote:
> Joel Dillon wrote:
> >  I suspect the GPL would be restrictive enough. But I have no wish to
> > ruin Trolltech; I'm happy with any licence that forces people to
> > use Qt, not Harmony, for commercial products. As long as KDE gets
> > accepted as GPL by the whole Linux community I'm happy.
> The GPL doesn't restrict porting.  How about a license similar to the
> GPL but says that it MAY NOT be ported to anything besides UNIX???
No.  We do not know the future and as such should never assume what 
is to come.  Someone may release an X11 Alternative tomorrow that is 
GPLd and far better than the original.
> That would also allow porting to Berlin, should the need arise (and that
> *would* be kinda neat...)
What about Paris and Kingston ?  Let's not be choosy now :)
See above. 
> And yeah, BE SURE it's clear that you can't develop ANY software for
> commercial use!  I'm not a GPL expert, but I *think* it's good enough in
> that area.
This is all that maters.  The only time Troll Tech makes money is when
you develop Commercial Software.  The Only thing the GPL prevents is
the development of commercial software.  This basically means that 
a GPLd FreeQT a better idea since it makes a clear distinction.  Lets
ask the GPL expert about this.  
Yohoo RMS ... Are you out there ?  
Hmm... Anybody knows that gentleman's Email address ? 
> Caution is needed here...screwing Troll would *not* be good.
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