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Wall Street game

> Also I'm not sure how much this really relates to SEUL.  It would be
> cool, but not general purpose, as it would be for school installations.

Hello I don't know if this will go through to the mailing list or not
as I am responding via the web-based archives.

I approached you, Micah, because the SEUL web site seemed to be crying
out for application ideas especially in the area of educational apps. 
Taken from your web site:
> We're currently discussing the need for educational software for Linux. We need basic programs like math and geography tutors/quizzes, but
>  also more intuitive programs like educational thought-provoking games. I think it would be really neat if we could come up with such a game
>  that ONLY runs on Linux ... not a mere copy of a Windows or Macintosh program. We've also been discussing additions to Tcl/Tk that would
>  facilitate writing educational software. If anyone has any further ideas, please post them to seul-dev-apps!

I'm glad that you are moving ahead with this but I just wanted to
address the question you had about the game's suitability for SEUL
distribution.  If the web site is incorrect, it would be a good idea
to fix that or point folks to a more appropriate project.  If I have
any more educational software ideas, shall I continue to post them to
SEUL or is there a project geared more towards educational apps?

Please copy my personal email address on any responses as I am not
subscribed to this mailing list.  Thanks!