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More game ideas

Hi folks,

I am going back through the archive so I am going to reply to an oldy
here.  Again, I am not subscribed to the list so please copy me on
responses.  I am not a programmer, but I do work in the software
business for IBM and am used to fronting ideas to more talented
folks.  :-)

> Little board games.  Has anyone played the Commodore 64 game "Chain
> Reaction"?  It came from a Compute's Gazette magazine, but I was quite
> addicted to it for a while.  It's just a little two player strategy
> game, and I could explain the rules if anyone's interested.  The C64
> program had computer AI, which shouldn't be hard to implement.

How about a board game called Hnefatafl?  You can also find it on the
'net as "Tablut" (but I think "Tablut" is a trademarked name... please
check before using it).  Anyway it is an old Viking board game that is
considered by some to be a forerunner to chess.  It is more complex
than checkers, but easier to learn than chess because every player has
the same moves.  I think that it shouldn't be too hard to come up
with, and would probably be a good candidate for a network game where
you could play head to head and possibly allow others to observe over
the 'net.

Some links with more info:

I think the following link may give you ideas for related games as
well as more info on Hnefatafl: