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Re: Wall Street game

Chris Hedemark wrote:

> > Also I'm not sure how much this really relates to SEUL.  It would be
> > cool, but not general purpose, as it would be for school installations.
> Hello I don't know if this will go through to the mailing list or not
> as I am responding via the web-based archives.

Yes, it got to both.

> I approached you, Micah, because the SEUL web site seemed to be crying
> out for application ideas especially in the area of educational apps.

You are correct.  I guess I was just mentioning that because this isn't
really a program the average Joe is going to install on his computer for
home use, which seems to be the *primary* purpose of SEUL.  It is a good
educational app idea though, and will help with schools that want to use
Linux in a networked environment.

Sorry if it caused any misunderstanding.

Linux: Everything else is just a toy!