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OK, stock quotes are doable ... but I may need help with REGEX

lynx -dump http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=COSFF,NSCP     

We get the quotes in text format here, but in the middle of a bunch of
garbage.  I don't know much about regular expressions, but I assume that
would be the easiest way to extract these things.  Here's the output. 
Someone wanna give it a go???  I think I'll write this program in Perl
(I already started with some structure/declaractions).

Here's the top part of what I get:
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                Sun Jul 19 5:19pm ET - U.S. Markets Closed.

Symbol      Last Trade              Change             Volume   More
[23]COSFF    Jul 17      _1 25/32_      +1/32     +1.79%    135,000
[25]News, [26]SEC, [27]Msgs, [28]Profile, [29]Research, [30]Insider
[31]NSCP     Jul 17       _32 1/8_     -1 1/8     -3.38%  4,075,200
[33]News, [34]SEC, [35]Msgs, [36]Profile, [37]Research, [38]Insider

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