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Checking in, and some interesting sites


   I haven't yet got my HyperCard-ish rewrite of Visual Tcl started.  I
realized that I should learn Tcl at least basically before I tried to
organize such a project, so I'm in the process of teaching myself Tcl.
I expect it to take a few weeks before I'm ready to proceed to step two,
announcing the project and trying to recruit others to it.

   I just became aware of something called Project Independence
<http://independence.dunadan.com>.  It sounds similar to SEUL, although
I get the feeling that it's a one-man operation.  We may want to reach
some sort of agreement with them so as not to present a KDE/Gnome type
of combative image to the world. Or not.

   I also just saw Bowie Poag's latest venture, Nubox
<http://www.nubox.dyn.ml.org>.  It's just in the formative stages, but
it might eventually be something we could get some benefit from.  It's
worth looking at.

Doug Loss                 My sources are unreliable, but
Data Network Coordinator  their information is fascinating.
Bloomsburg University          Ashleigh Brilliant