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Re: Checking in, and some interesting sites

In message <355992E1.C550C648@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>   I haven't yet got my HyperCard-ish rewrite of Visual Tcl started.  I
>realized that I should learn Tcl at least basically before I tried to
>organize such a project, so I'm in the process of teaching myself Tcl.
>I expect it to take a few weeks before I'm ready to proceed to step two,
>announcing the project and trying to recruit others to it.

Sounds good. Do try to keep us informed of your progress.

>   I just became aware of something called Project Independence
><http://independence.dunadan.com>.  It sounds similar to SEUL, although
>I get the feeling that it's a one-man operation.  We may want to reach
>some sort of agreement with them so as not to present a KDE/Gnome type
>of combative image to the world. Or not.

From what I've seen of independence, at its current stages it is very
similar to seul-dev-apps, except that seul doesn't like non-free applications
and independence doesn't mind things like kde/qt. So in that respect, it may
well be that we will be presenting a kde/gnome type of choice to the
world. But hopefully it will not be a combative image...

Jfm sent me a copy of the independence announce; we're going to try to figure
out how we can best work together to make an end-user linux happen. After
all, we're all working towards the same goal here.

>   I also just saw Bowie Poag's latest venture, Nubox
><http://www.nubox.dyn.ml.org>.  It's just in the formative stages, but
>it might eventually be something we could get some benefit from.  It's
>worth looking at.

Agreed that it's still in the formative stages. I hope it turns into
something; perhaps somebody should mail the guy in charge of the nubox
project and see if he wants to share information or ideas.