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Re: Task-help & Wizards

> 1. Installing hardware

Of course, they exist for most hardware. For things like scanners / zip
drives , etc, it'd be interesting ... 

> 2. Installing software

there's a problem with this. Namely that RPM won't handle this so well.
You could use tcl post install scripts or something , but you're requiring
a GUI for software isntallation. Kludge. 

Software \\should almost always be able to configure itself. Changes to
environment can be made through files in /etc/profile.d/ , adding
something to cron also just involves adding a file in the right place,
adding to initialisation : just add files under /etc/rc.d. Also, most
packaging methods allow post install scripts. 

> 3. Setting up system (initial install)

this is already "Wizard centric". You need some good programmers to make
any ground here. 

> 4. Configuring/reconfiguring XWindows/desktop.

this one is interesting ... 

> 5. Upgrades

see install ... 

// Donovan