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[Fwd: Help browser.]

Well.. It was bound to happen.

It appears that gnome has decided to develop their own help
browser. I am uncertain how much working between our groups
can occur, since they have not been very communicative with
me. I had contacted (and tried to contact) many people who were
involved with gnome, and I guess they were not much impressed
with the idea of working together.

I have not looked at the gnome help system.
I do not know if there are/will be plans to use gnome software in seul.
I am very biassed.

The decision will have to be made about whether to continue
working on our own help system, or use the gnome help system
and develop our own documents for it.

If anyone has installed gnome it would be usefull if they could appraise

it and its potential to make a more informed decision.

Any comments?

Ken Duck

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We've now a help browser, Wow! 

I've some comments on it:

- why having an external program, why not just a lib?

- it shouldn't create a new window each time that an item in the help
menu is selected.

- it should have a menu/toolbar to do navigation, searchs, etc...

- it should do a gtk_signal_connect for delete_event instead of destroy.

- the window should be greater.

About the automatic generation of topic.dat from the docbook source i think
that we don't need a new tag. A simple perl script could catch the more
external sections (by example, if it's a 'book' it should make a topic.dat
with all the chapters.) I could do it if you think it is a good way. (i
dislike the idea of adding tags...)


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