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Re: SEUL Documentation effort potential.

Gregory Bell wrote:

>  Again we would need to know what programs SEUL will be made
> up of.
>   Personnally, I think that what should be decided on, at the moment,
> is the basics i.e. type of formats to be used (i.e. html) and how to
> integrate both a command line help system and GUI help systems
> files into one document source.
>     Greg

  Ya. I suppose I may be jumping the gun.

The idea had been to write OUR help documents in sdoc format, though
I do not think the latest version has been released yet. It is still basically

Do you think that we would need special document information for
command line help? I had figured that basically the same could be
done for command line as for gui, perhaps using a lynx like interface
(or maybe ncurses?, though I know little about it.)

Ken Duck