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SEUL Documentation effort potential.

I have been considering some ideas on what can be done for SEUL
in the realm of actual documentation. There are several things that
I can think of that could be persued in this area. I am sure I do not
have a complete list and would appreciate any discussion on what
needs to be done. As well, if anyone wants to actually do any of these
tasks please let me know so we can co-ordinate efforts. I will place
any conclusiong of this thread (and messages I receive) on the
web site (the seul-dev-help one I have for now, and wherever
it may eventually go.)


Documentation tasks (in no particular order):

o Finding existing documentation
o Deciding what documentation is pertinent to SEUL
o Determining the directory structure for the help files (see the
    help browser.) i.e. How should the documents be presented.
o Improving the existing documents
    - filling in missing elements
    - Making simpler for users to read
    - Improving document layout
o Writing new help:
    - Task based help (there is a brief doc on this that I will dig up
         anyone is interested in what I mean here. I will also have some

         examples soon too.)
o Help document packaging and installation
    - Package help per sw package? What is original set of docs?
o How to track the efforts of documentors (gathering & writers) so
    no efforts are wasted.


Whoo. That's all that comes to mind so far.

As always, comments, additions, corrections and volonteers
welcome :)

Ken Duck