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Re: SEUL Documentation effort potential.

twoducks wrote:

Documentation tasks (in no particular order):

> o Finding existing documentation

   For what, programs?  We would have to know what programs areto be part of
Seul before that.

> o Deciding what documentation is pertinent to SEUL

  Again see my above comment

> o Determining the directory structure for the help files (see the
>     help browser.) i.e. How should the documents be presented.
> o Improving the existing documents
>     - filling in missing elements
>     - Making simpler for users to read
>     - Improving document layout

  Again there is a need to know just what programs are goingto be a part of
SEUL.  So far the only programs that I have
heard mention of is a installer (that is basically a debian package)
and your help system.
  As for making it simpler for user to read, I have in mind a single
document for each program that consists of 3 parts.  The first
part is a simple explaination of the program usage, the 2nd part
expands on part 1 and the third part is essentially the man pages
already available.

> o Writing new help:
>     - Task based help (there is a brief doc on this that I will dig up
> if
>          anyone is interested in what I mean here. I will also have some
>          examples soon too.)
> o Help document packaging and installation
>     - Package help per sw package? What is original set of docs?
> o How to track the efforts of documentors (gathering & writers) so
>     no efforts are wasted.

  There are two ways to follow thru on this:  The first is to have a
CVSsystem setup on the web site, or a;ternatively create another group for