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Status: Cross-group discussions

I have been in contact with a couple of groups lately about
various help systems under development.

gnome (http://www.gnome.org):
Some of the developpers in the gnome project have just started
development of a help system. They are currently in the design
and prototyping stage. I have contacted them and let them know
of our design in the hopes that there can be some co-operation
between the groups.

Gnome has certain goals which may differ from SEULs. It is
possible that they may closely integrate their browser with
their specific products using CORBA. It is uncertain whether
or not this WILL happen. It should be possible to create interfaces
between CORBA and our system if this occurs and we want to
integrate with their products. This would mean that we would be
developping separately from them except for the possibility of some
shared code.

If they decide to follow a design closer to our own then their may
be closer coupling - including perhaps some interchangability and
inter-working of our system elements.

Or we may decide to use their system more (with CORBA or
without) depending on whether their design and/or implementation
will suit our needs.

At any rate, I am in contact with their group and will report on
their progress and the possibility of co-operation as information
becomes available.

Stampede (http://www.stampede.org):
Stampede is another possible distribution of linux which has popped
up. They have not started developping a help system yet. I have
contacted them and they seem interested in our efforts and would
like (at the moment, anyway) to stay in contact so that our efforts
can help support them as well (and perhaps some co-operative
development might come from this.)

It is uncertain at this time what gnome is doing. As oportunities
present themselves we will see what might be done with them.
At the present the posibilities of some form of co-operation between
our groups (all three) might occur.

Ken Duck