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Re: SEUL Documentation effort potential.

Gregory Bell wrote:

> twoducks wrote:
> Documentation tasks (in no particular order):
> > o Finding existing documentation
>    For what, programs?  We would have to know what programs areto be part of
> Seul before that.

Hmm. True. Some documentation might be common though. For exampleHOWTOs, maybe
a Unix Tutorial, (IF indeed these should even be
a part of seul.)

>   Again there is a need to know just what programs are goingto be a part of
> SEUL.  So far the only programs that I have
> heard mention of is a installer (that is basically a debian package)
> and your help system.
>   As for making it simpler for user to read, I have in mind a single
> document for each program that consists of 3 parts.  The first
> part is a simple explaination of the program usage, the 2nd part
> expands on part 1 and the third part is essentially the man pages
> already available.

In terms of new documentation (re: the task documentation Iwas pimping) task
help can be written for many of the UNIX
utilities. It is perhaps true that much of this will not normally be
seen (masked by the higher level docs (i.e. cp help masked out
by copy file using a file manager.), but it may still be usefull.
I was thinking that a base help package could be provided
with the base system and as other packages are added or removed,
various parts of the task help may be masked and unmasked.
This may be too complicated and outside of the scope of SEUL,
though, since we are probably going to aim for a standard setup.

>   There are two ways to follow thru on this:  The first is to have a
> CVSsystem setup on the web site, or a;ternatively create another group for
> documentation

CVS should be find for documents themselves. Now I have to getit working again,
though :(

Ken Duck