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Re: SEUL Documentation effort potential.

> In terms of new documentation (re: the task documentation Iwas pimping) task
> help can be written for many of the UNIX
> utilities. It is perhaps true that much of this will not normally be
> seen (masked by the higher level docs (i.e. cp help masked out
> by copy file using a file manager.), but it may still be usefull.
> I was thinking that a base help package could be provided
> with the base system and as other packages are added or removed,
> various parts of the task help may be masked and unmasked.
> This may be too complicated and outside of the scope of SEUL,
> though, since we are probably going to aim for a standard setup.

 Again we would need to know what programs SEUL will be made
up of.
  Personnally, I think that what should be decided on, at the moment,
is the basics i.e. type of formats to be used (i.e. html) and how to
integrate both a command line help system and GUI help systems
files into one document source.