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Re: Windoze->SEUL migrations

> On 20-Feb-98 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> - -> In a distribution intended for end users it is absolutely of question
> - -> to force people to embark themselves in an operation as difficult and
> - -> dangerous as a complete backup and reinstall of their windows
> - -> partition.  In addition few of them have any backup peripheral outside
> - -> the floppy unit.
> Why don't you people follow these threads, instead of just jumping in when you
> feel you can dissagree with somebody.
> I'll repeat myself again.  For the last time.
> If a user has any data on their machine that is vital, they *will* have a
> backup system beyond the flop, which nobody in there right mind uses any more
> anyway.  Granted, a computer user in Ethiopia may not have a backup system for
> vital data, but I think you'll find it's a priority with users.  If they have
> no vital data it's nothing for them to re-install Windows and their software.
> One of my customers, a new computer user, bought a tape drive within a month of
> buying her first system.  She just wanted it to backup her family album she was
> scanning.  To her, that was vital data that she didn't want to loose in a power
> failure.  Her next item a few months later was a UPS.  These items aren't
> expensive to buy any longer.

In a few years I hope we can adopt the same arrogant behaviour than
Windows and just erase or make unbootable what we don't like.

For now we are not dominant and we have to try to make things easy for
the user.  I don't like the idea of having the user backing up,
deleting the Windows partition, reinstalling Windows and every game he
has.  Then reinstalling his top scores from backup.  That would make
an ordeal of SEUL install even for people with Jaz or tape units.

Today backing up is just a safety measure for FIPS accidents and those
are rare enough than many people accept the risk of using FIPS without
back up.  In fact accidents due to "cp something /dev/hda4" or "rm -rf /dos"
are prbably much more frequent than FIPS problems.

The thing I think is really needed is a much more integrated and
elaborate DOS phase.  I will post specs for it in a couple of days.
Is there a DOS/Windows95 programmer in this group or do anyone in this
list know one who could do the job?

			Jean Francois Martinez

"For drinking muddy water if that is the water of truth,
            for that the camel is needed"