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Re: Windoze->SEUL migrations


On 20-Feb-98 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
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- -> In a few years I hope we can adopt the same arrogant behaviour than
- -> Windows and just erase or make unbootable what we don't like.

I don't think it would be arogant of us.  The different proprietary OS's out
there assume they are the only OS on the computer.  Some what, rightly so since
most users only need one OS.  What I do think is arogant is that M$ knows there
are other OS's out there and choose to ignore the minority of users out there
that may want to run another OS with theirs.

So it falls on us to work around the problems created by a pre-existing part
*and* the crap thrown in by the arrogant work of M$ and friends.

We need a few things to limit the problems installing Linux along side of any
other OS.

        A defrag that will shift the existing part to the end instead of the
        begining, so Linux can use the first part for the kernel and such. 
        This might be impossible given, nice going Bill, that there are
        unmovable files on a DOS part.  Note:  I once had to repart my drive
        because some program put a few unmoveable files toward the end of my
        win part.  Not the previously mentioned terminator that FIPS handles. 
        These were about a half dozen unmoveable files scattered over the last
        few sectors of the part.

        A kernel installed on the Linux part as well as the DOS part, when
        Windoze is too big to squeeze a kernel below the 450 boundery, so we
        can have them change the active part in case they loose the kernel on
        the DOS part.

        A DOS lilo installer would be nice.  It can check the MBR for lilo and
        reinstall it if Windoze wiped it out, or just install it every time
        Windoze boots since it only takes a sec.

A wish list for the future.  Ofcourse these apply to ther OS's that missbehave
as Windoze does.

I didn't mention loadlin since, last I checked, it can't be run from Windows
without rebooting into DOS mode anyway, meaning it would be just as easy to use
lilo as loadlin, and lilo provides a way to boot Linux even in the event
Windoze is unbootable for whatever reason, other than a cleared part in which
the kernel resided.

I agree that we need to go the extra mile.  That's a long, hard mile though. 

FYI.  My initial post was actually a joke in reply to George's joke about just
removing Windoze.

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