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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> řann 15-Feb-98 skrifar Kevin Forge:
> > Much as I hate to admit it.  NT has a more elegant solution.
> > Hard Reboot.  then select "WinNT VGA mode" at the boot manager prompt.
> > You can then boot up to a basic VGA screen and setup the graphics.
>   Just in case you didn't get it, I was describing this "failsafe" of
> yours failing.  
I was trying to make this point.  Any Fail-safe can fail.  And because
of there complexity it's near impossible to make an unbreakable GUI
How are you going to prevent a user from telling his computer that
his old ( pree PnP ) NEC 14" monitor is actually a 21" Monitor of the
same vintage ?  There must be a way out that works weather or not the
GUI thinks it's broken.  This escape must leave him in a position to
easily configure his system.
IE.. "type setup at the prompt and get a menu to select what you wish 
to configure ( It will ask you for root password ),  You can then 
select 'X Windows' ( Linux people don't like that name ... but it's 
catchy ).
>It's very easy, you just set the timer for selecting
> the menu item to "0" (it's normally set to 30 seconds), in which case it will
> start the first item on the menu, which is your normal Windows NT desktop
> without giving you an oportunity to select anything else...
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