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Re: SEUL: Stopping dreams

I agree, we really need to clean up XDM and give it a pretty login.

The m4 config of X is the right way to go and then use XDM to get the user
logged in.  If they want a text login, they can always grab a VT even with XDM
running...I think, I have never used XDM.

There was a Linux Journal article about a year or so about about customizing
XDM and we should also have someone scouring Linux Gazette for tid-bits of
custom configuration that can be advantagous to us.

On 17-Feb-98 Erik Walthinsen wrote:
>> > I would probably stick it in .bash_login which is only invoked on a login
>> > shell. This prevents you from being troubled by the message when you spawn
>> > an xterm. Also, bash will execute what it finds in .bash_logout when you
>> > log out to shut the x server down.
>> this idea keeps looking better. :) 
> No.  This idea does nothing but make things complicated.  If you were 
> presented with a text-based login setup as you were first introduced to the 
> greatest OS of all time, supposedly a Windoze-killer, would you be 
> impressed?  I thought not.
> XDM has been, is, and will be the way to do logins.  This is what XDM was 
> designed for.  Please, stop wasting time on this non-problem.  There are 
> more pressing issues.
> Also, please try to make sure that replies are sent to seul-dev-ui, and
> that the To: lines are cleaned up.  I'm personally getting 2 or three 
> copies of every message sent, which gets tiring.
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