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Re: SEUL: Stopping dreams


On 17-Feb-98 George Bonser wrote:
- -> I agree, we really need to clean up XDM and give it a pretty login.

My god, George.  We have to stop agreeing like this.  People will start to talk.

- -> The m4 config of X is the right way to go and then use XDM to get the user
- -> logged in.  If they want a text login, they can always grab a VT even with
- -> XDM
- -> running...I think, I have never used XDM.

Surely can.  I use XDM all the time.  

I've never messed with m4 but it sounds like just the ticket.

- -> There was a Linux Journal article about a year or so about about customizing
- -> XDM and we should also have someone scouring Linux Gazette for tid-bits of
- -> custom configuration that can be advantagous to us.

Got it covered.  I posted a few days ago about some of the configuring I've
done to my XDM.

Background, fonts, change to runlevel 1, suspend the Xserver to drop to
console, restart the Xserver to change resources, reboot the system,
shutdown/halt the system.  All from the XDM login screen.  No switching to VT
and no logging in to use an xterm or menu selection first.

Taking suggestions for system controle from the XDM screen.  Let 'em fly.

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