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Re: SEUL: Stopping dreams

> No.  This idea does nothing but make things complicated.  If you were
> presented with a text-based login setup as you were first introduced to the
> greatest OS of all time, supposedly a Windoze-killer, would you be
> impressed?  I thought not.
> XDM has been, is, and will be the way to do logins.  This is what XDM was
> designed for.  Please, stop wasting time on this non-problem.  There are
> more pressing issues.
Why ? .. There is a reason NO major distributions use XDM by default.
It's a little broken and has a "loop of death".  If they could fix it
easily they would have.  This means you are trying to do with a massive
software overhaul what can be accomplished with a simple line in a
~/.bash*somthing* ... I'm a newbi.
> Also, please try to make sure that replies are sent to seul-dev-ui, and
> that the To: lines are cleaned up.  I'm personally getting 2 or three
> copies of every message sent, which gets tiring.
Thanks for the tip.  My posts were coming back to mee in duplicate too
: "Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
: backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."