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Re: SEUL: Stopping dreams


On 17-Feb-98 Kevin Forge wrote:
- ->> XDM has been, is, and will be the way to do logins.  This is what XDM was
- ->> designed for.  Please, stop wasting time on this non-problem.  There are
- ->> more pressing issues.


- ->> 
- -> Why ? .. There is a reason NO major distributions use XDM by default.

The reason is that they expect experienced users to use them.  An experienced
user can setup X if he wants it, and most experienced users do more at the
command line than in X until recently.  This is no different than the vi/emacs
war experienced users have almost monthly.

It's a matter of preference.  Our target users' preference is a GUI.  That is
why SEUL is working to make a distro for these people.  Other distros have
catered, mostly, to the techy not the common man.

- -> It's a little broken and has a "loop of death".  If they could fix it
- -> easily they would have.  This means you are trying to do with a massive
- -> software overhaul what can be accomplished with a simple line in a
- -> script
- -> ~/.bash*somthing* ... I'm a newbi.

I killed the loop-o-death, it's gone and it wasn't much harder than what you
are proposing.

I've noticed ppl on this list continue to refer to the dead loop-o-death in
arguments against XDM even after I have posted that it's gone.  Yet not one of
you has bothered to ask me how I got rid of it so you can attempt to prove it
doesn't work.  Sounds to me like you ppl don't really care if it works or not,
you just want to get SEUL to use a console login.  It isn't going to happen.

It is common sense to provide a backup at the console in case something
happens.  It's a given.  If you want to work on the backup and make it high
speed, go for it.  Me and Orn are the UI leaders and it's our job to make XDM
hapening and stable.  I hate to drop the hammer but I'm tired of arguing the
subject.  XDM is final.  If you want to contribute to making the problems go
away that's fine, it's exactly what we need.

I have the solution to the loop-o-death, it's history.

I have a handle on the refresh problem.

The major concern at this point is changing video cards.  

If I can't find some program out there that will read the non-pci model from
memory it might become a major project to come up with a way to catch new cards
before they get into the GUI.  But I already have some ideas on handling this as
well.  Not as good as catching it at boot time but they'll work in a pinch.

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