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Re: Promath update

> Thanks to Roger's help you can read Promath updates at 
> "http://cvs.seul.org/~ob"
> I suppose these new texts will make the project easier to read, at least
> I hope !
> More will follow, but I might perhaps wait until ssh is finally allowed
> in France (it's on the way).

Actually, it's easy for me to put new files in place if you put them on your
server (like you did this morning). I just do a
lynx -source http://foo.bar/baz > baz
for each file, and then everything is done.

So don't let the fact that you don't have ssh keep you from working on the
project. :)

My overall status: My todo list is huge these days, and I'm slowly finishing
off chunks of it.
The qvocab and ~weparent files are now on cran (I think -- I asked Pete to
grab everything and convert it to relative URLs this morning), and soon I
hope to check things into the cvs repository here.

Sorry for the delays,