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Re: Wilderness Survival

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Micah Yoder wrote:

> Well, I just fired it up under DOSemu.  I love it!  Yes, it would make a
> fine addition to SEUL Edu.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, now I know I'm not crazy! :)

> One suggestion though - perhaps do it in GTK instead of curses.  That
> would go a long way toward getting to used in schools.  You can still
> have text based descriptions, but have buttons to click on for the
> options (but be sure to make keyboard shortcuts as well).

I agree, but curses is simpler and that's important right now :) After I
have a solid engine I can focus more on the interface, like GUI-ifying
it. I'd kinda like to have a version around that doesn't require X... :)

> Do you have access to the source code or are you writting it fresh?  If
> you have the source, you might look into the Free Pascal Compiler for
> Linux.  It's supposedly Turbo Pascal compatible.  It didn't work with my
> project because I use some Borland Pascal 7 specific features.

I don't have the source unfortunatly. I have written the author (snail
mail) and searched through the University of Rhode Island for any
reference to it. To date I have found nothing. But if you just happen
across anything let me know.

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