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Re: Wilderness Survival

Michael A Hamblin wrote:
> Well I've taken my own advice with a grain of salt here. I've been working
> on a small curses-based game for Linux based off an old DOS program,
> called Wilderness Survival. It's in part a project to brush the dust off
> my C skills (been coding perl for too long ;) But I figured it may be of
> some interest to yall here. The URL:
> http://www.utdallas.edu/~michaelh/ws.html

Well, I just fired it up under DOSemu.  I love it!  Yes, it would make a
fine addition to SEUL Edu.

One suggestion though - perhaps do it in GTK instead of curses.  That
would go a long way toward getting to used in schools.  You can still
have text based descriptions, but have buttons to click on for the
options (but be sure to make keyboard shortcuts as well).

Do you have access to the source code or are you writting it fresh?  If
you have the source, you might look into the Free Pascal Compiler for
Linux.  It's supposedly Turbo Pascal compatible.  It didn't work with my
project because I use some Borland Pascal 7 specific features.