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Next week I will start writing 2 EDU-FAQs.  I will start with an outline.
Maybe I will try to have something posted next week.  I will work-on:
Setting up and securing a MacLab with Linux server.  (And include as many
tricky software solutions I can remember - as of the summer I will be
working with a Mac Lab again so I will be able to fill this out better then).

I will also write a crude Windows Lab - Linux Server.  However, at the
moment I will be limiting it to what I have managed to be able to easily
accomplish.  (Which is a lot less than what I had hoped for).

However, I am interested a Linux Lab FAQ --> Linux server FAQ -- it sounds
like Hilaire Fernandes would be a good candidate to work on this.  I may
have time to try this on my own before the summer, but I doubt it.